What We Do

Modern Lightning Protection has been in the lightning protection business since 1946. We work as subcontractors to electrical and general contractors, and also as prime contractors for the US government, state and local governments and educational institutions, and commercial and residential property owners. In the past sixty years, Modern Lightning has protected over 100,000 homes and over 10,000 commercial and government buildings.

Surge Protection

We install high grade surge protectors that protect your electric devices from high voltage spikes in AC (Alternating Current) circuits. A voltage spike may last 1 to 30 microseconds and can reach up to 1,000 volts. However, if there is a lightning strike to your power line, the spike can reach over 100,000 volts and can easily destroy electronics or start fires. When a spike occurs, a surge protector will trigger at its set voltage and divert the remaining current to the ground.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is often installed in the form of a lightning rod or conductor. These devices are made of metal and stand to protect the structure on which they are installed. This happens because lightning will preferentially strike the device, which guides the current through itself and to the ground, rather than through the structure. This prevents electronic damage, electrocution, fire, etc.

Grounding Systems

Grounds are often used in conjunction with other lightning prevention devices and systems. There are many types of grounds and grounding devices. However, their purpose is to disperse the current of a lightning strike out in a safe way. This is an essential part of lightning protection.

Our Work

Modern Lightning has installed National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters Laboratories compliant lightning protection systems on some of America's best known structures:

  • The Super Dome in New Orleans
  • The Monorail at Disney World
  • The Dean Smith Center at UNC at Chapel Hill
  • The Orbiter Processing Facility at Cape Canaveral
  • The Eisenhower Mansion at Gettysburg, PA
  • The Statehouses of North & South Carolina

Our Experts

Modern Lighting Protection is fully staffed with:

Certified journeymen
Certified Journeymen
Master installers
Master Installers
lightning protection system designers

Our Sales Team

Hal Mills
Calabash, NC
Craig Gauker
Tidewater Virginia and the Northern
Outer Banks
Claire Richardson
Charleston to Hilton Head Island